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At the relative movement of the edge and the work piece, the cut off material is plastic twisted and it makes the chips. The chips volume is assessed by the chips’ volume change coefficient W, which is figured as the proportion of the unpressed chips volume to the cut off metal volume. The chips volume relies upon the cutting conditions; the machined material, geometry of the apparatus and so forth. Chips are the piece, which is important to expel from the place of cutting. Then, it is the undertaking to limit the value of the volume change coefficient. In practice for this study, the values ranges from 3 to 600. One of the best solution is metal briquetting.
The standard ?SN 42 0030 takes part in steel and cast press scrap issues of procurement, evaluating, testing, stockpiling, supply, records, control, transport examining and checking. Similar issues of nonferrous metals and their compounds are illuminated by the standard ?SN 42 1331. In the standard ?SN 42 0030 the briquettes from steel chips are displayed as the sort 38. The accompanying necessities are requested for briquettes: the volume thickness more than 4500 ?kg.m?^3, the spread and dampness content is subtracted from the conveyance weight. Briquettes from cast press chips are exhibited as the sort 08. The prerequisites are comparable to: the volume thickness more than 4500 kg•m – 3, 1 % of oil is permitted. In the standard ?SN 42 1331 the briquettes are displayed as the sort 176 – machine briquetted material; shape, size and weight as per the utilized plant. With respect to various properties of nonferrous metals the requests concerning the volume thickness are not introduced. Contemporary a column of inland and remote makers offer their items. Briquettes made utilizing their presses are altogether different in shape, size and weight – from little of 30 mm measurement and around 0.1 kg weight to huge ones of 200 mm distance across and around 30 kg weight (see Figure 2).

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