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As a health care worker we have to ensure staffs have direct support and resources to promote safe practice and good quality. Staff should be able to understand the legislation of the care act and also the company policies and procedures which can assist in providing individual care. As a care worker the employer have to provide all training so as to develop their skills and knowledge to maintain safe practice. Staff should be able to compile person centred care plans of individual base on all relevant information provide. Staffs to complete all assessment tools and also relevant risk assessments pertaining to the individual. Training to be provided after commences care work, soon after induction period.

Working with elderly people staffs have to also complete safeguarding vulnerable adults is mandatory. Staff should be able to provide all relevant individual care according to their needs. It should be of person centred approach to provide day to day quality care. Individuals should be able to have their own views and choices taking into consideration like and dislikes

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Care Planning

The care planning process is a good place to start with the production of assessing the individuals support needs, ‘basic helping cycle’ (by Tayler and Devine (1993), is useful. This model, it is about the individual and the professional working together.

At St Mary’s we give care and support plan starts by setting out who they are and what matters to them. It then defines what it is they want and need. That is to be involved in helping them get what they want and need; and how this will come together for them. The care and support plan is an essential step.

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