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Artificial Intelligence which is fondly called AI is a breakthrough in technology wherein intelligence is demonstrated by machines. AI serves as a key component in transforming and fundamentally changing industries. UNIQLO, a major casualwear producer and retailer, was able to see this and took the risk of remodeling one of their warehouse and replaced the human staffs, whose work includes inspecting and sorting the clothes, with robots. By doing this, employees’ work has been reduced to a great extent and since there’s little work to be done, they also cut off their staff by 90%. With these, we can say that yes, they did a good decision of investing for AI for the betterment of the company today and for the future.

Now if this breakthrough will keep on expanding and AI dominates the workplace, I think that there will be a lot of changes in human resource. An example of this would be, many people will lose their job simply because they will be replaced by robots. Robots are designed to perform designated tasks and we know that robots have the upper hand in terms of the speed of execution of these tasks, the operational ability and accuracy and they are less biased than humans. If these tasks are perfectly and efficiently performed by robots rather than humans, who would need humans?

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Humans, on the other hand, may seem at a disadvantage, but they still have strong key points wherein they have characteristics that will never be imitated by an AI. Human revolves around adapting to the environment using a combination of several cognitive processes and they usually learn how to manage hundreds of different skills which AIs don’t have since they are just designed to do specific tasks. Humans are also at an advantage in terms of decision-making since they have the ability to learn from different scenarios whereas even advanced robots have issues in decision-making since they cannot perform something that they didn’t learn.
While AIs do really have a lot of advantages over humans, I strongly believe that AIs cannot be and will never be the future of the workplace. Yes, the proper utilization of AI will really make life becoming for humankind in the years to come and even force humans to develop their skill sets, but the workplace will always need the humans’ cognitive thinking, decision-making, and their ability to provide information on interpersonal relationships and networks of interest. Saying this, it will never be possible for such machines, created by the humans, to completely replace the human resource.

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