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Albert Bandura was a theorist in behaviourism. He suggested that behaviour is learnt from the environment such as the behaviour of others. He conducted the ‘Bobo Doll Experiment’ in 1961 which involved a film being shown to a group of children. The film showed an adult beating and being verbally aggressive to a Bobo doll. After the film, the children were put in a room with a Bobo doll and also many other toys. All of the children ignored the other toys and proceeded to imitate the same actions the adult portrayed in the film, onto the Bobo doll. This concluded that learning is acquired from observation and imitation of others (McLeod, 2014).

His influences can still be seen today in the form of being a positive role model to children. It is important that parents, carers and teachers have a responsibility to demonstrate good and positive behaviour when looking after children as this behaviour is imitated

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