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After evaluating my workplace in terms of equality an inclusion, the next step is to learn more about the Omani and Abu Dhabi regulations and how they might impact the nurseries development. I need to take action to address gaps and shortfalls in the systems and make a report, so I can work with the lead Teachers and HR to implement. We can make the necessary recommendations and propose chances if the law allows it. If necessary create new policies on equality and inclusive working. I would build a culture of inclusion with the Omanis’ and Expats.
Addressing the gaps in the nursery and shortfalls is a way to ensure all my nursery team has the best practice when working in the setting. I will make sure the necessary training is in place. Safeguarding, child protection, information sharing, policies and procedures and how we implanted all. Every member of my team needs to make sure they are aware of the responsibilities regarding

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