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African Americans has been behind since the European settled in now is the United States of America in the 18th century as slaves. After most being freed in 1865 by the Emancipation Proclamation issued by Former President Abraham Lincoln, and then all by the Thirteenth Amendment, Black and African American is still not granted equal rights as thought. There is still injustices in the world or the lack of fairness and unjust act. Slavery will forever be in the American history and financial compensation, the act of providing a person with money or any other benefit to provide for the cost of injuries they have occurred, cannot make up for it. Injustice cannot be remedied by financial compensation because of someone’s race and false accusations..
Financial compensation does not work because of race; black as well as white americans. The reality that white human beings aren’t admitted, due to factors that black students are received by the way of affirmative action, represents a reverse discrimination because white college students are entitled to identical treatment too, primarily based on stature. Affirmative movement, the practice or policy of favoring individuals belonging to groups known to have been discriminated against previously, became “added so as to overcome beyond discrimination and make the society extra identical.” (Madison) However, discarding racial and ethnic concerns from the admission system has a devastating impact on the quantity of Black/African-American students who could be admitted to college, especially by the combination of the SAT scores and the admission check ratings supplemented through the consideration of race. It is a discriminatory technique. Affirmative action disrupts people’s constitutional rights. In fact, the Fourteenth Amendment, which clearly states that all people, “equal safety of the legal guidelines” makes race too bad to be allowed in any college choice practices. (Ethridge) When minorities are favored it represents discrimination and, mainly, a reverse discrimination in opposition to white americans. That’s why many people choose personally not to have their race count number towards them.
Furthermore, it is doubtful that affirmative action can ever be justified as beneficial or financial compensation, due to the fact that compensation is a matter of the individual, not groups, permitting black applicants to have preferences. It cannot compensate generations of blacks who suffered injustice in the past like slavery and segregation. We should reject choices designed to compensate for the effects of unspecified historic or social discrimination. To remedy beyond discrimination, a nation must discover with particularity the discrimination to be remedied, and layout the preference to the advantage of the individuals who had been discriminated towards and simply counteract the impact of the discrimination. Everyone would like to achieve success in his life, however that it is a result of a big hard work. It is a reverse discrimination to present to the minorities extra opportunities than other human beings by beneficial/financial compensation.
Next, financial compensation cannot make up for the falsely accused victims.

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