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A vast amount of existing theoretical and empirical scholarship concerning the latitude, contours and consequences of descriptive representation by gender

Following Chamberlains resignation after loosing a vote of confidence to The House of Commons, the Churchill War Ministry replaced the national government of 1940. The coalition inaugurated a joint approach in the organisation of the war effort and parliamentary conflict was thus diluted . It was during the final phases of war, that the “reticent”, White Paper on Employment forged a compromise nature of coalition policy. It can hence be inferred that the prospect forIn broad policy terms, looking back it seems fair to say that for most part post 1945 the nature of consensus politics was the status quo. This status quo sanctioned by its longevity, envisioned the convergence of policy goals and dimensions irrespective of underlying ideology and rhetoric. Crucially the Churchill administration and then successive Conservative government’s trying, to hold the centre ground from 1945-carried on from Labour’s social and economic reform. Throughout the entire period there was no direct attack on the policy areas, which figured in consensus. Thus for Thatcher to come up and assert that she was “conviction politician” means there had to be a consensus for her populist class to smash through.

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