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A team is a set of individuals with different set of skillset who work together by assisting and cooperating with each other in an orderly manner to achieve a unique goal. The goal can be of long or of a short term. 1 Team-work is about galvanizing this group of individuals towards a collective objective. A group develops into team in four phases namely 2
(a) Inclusion and dependency – where group’s growth is marked by the member’s reliance on the chosen leader.
(b) Fighting and Counter-dependency – where group pursues to liberate itself from the shadows of the leader while going through disagreements about goals and objectives.
(c) Trust & Structure – where new trust develops as understanding between individuals deepen leading to formation of strong bonds.
(d) Work. – finally team gets efficient and productive.
From an individual’s perspective, teamwork brings a lot of benefits to the table. Carefully chosen team will have diverse skill sets which will spawn more creativity and innovation in doing the task. There will be more hands on deck to solve complex problems. Every individual will does not have to have exceptional social or technical skills. However, the team will have a balance of both. Team with diverse background, age, gender, knowledge, perspective and views will have out-of-the-box thinking which will avoid group-think. In this process, each team member learns to provide support to each other and help to develop, acquire new talent and enhances communication. Teamwork has never been easy but identifying and taking logical approach to scrutinizing how good does the team is built up for success, will eventually make all the difference.3 The most important result of the teamwork is accomplishment of the common goal and emergence of leadership qualities in an individual. It is safe to say that teamwork creates leaders of tomorrow.

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