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A table is used to arrange data neatly in rows and columns. The table has two or more rows and columns and the columns and rows may have a name to identify them. The place where a row and column intersects is called a cell. The ?rst row in a table that contains the names of the columns is called the header row. Ther are various types of documents for various purposes and there are different types of tables
Create or insert a table – Table – insert – Table – Set the number of rows and columns
You can use Auto?t to contents which will adjust the table according to contents or select auto ?t to window, which will stretch the table up till the margins of the page.
Add and amend table structure – right clicking on a table and go into table properties and make changes to the properties of the table, adding and deleting rows and columns, change the width, borders, shading and many other properties for a table.
Merging cells in a table – Select the cells that you need to merge, right click on them and select, merge cells
Convert text to table – When you have some text that you wish to convert to a table, you can do so by – Table – Convert – Text to Table. The text that you have to convert to table should be separated by a comma or a tab at the place where you want to start a new column. Then, in the Convert text to table dialog box, you can choose tab or comma under ‘Separate text at’
To insert and delete cells in a table – right click on the table, click insert – insert cells – choose the option “insert cells”. Insert and delete rows and columns in a table – Right click on the table – click insert – choose insert rows or insert columns.
Adjust row height and column width in a table – Right click on the table – table properties – you have various tabs that will help you to change the row height and column width of the table.
Merge and split cells in a table – to merge cells, select the cells you need to merge – right click on them – click on merge cells. To split cells – right click on the cell that you need to split – click split cells – set the number of rows or columns you want the cell to be split into.
Align text horizontally or vertically in a table – Select the cells in which you want to align the text. Right click on them – click “Text direction” – then choose the alignment that you need.
Cell margin, Borders and shading in a table – Right click on the table – click on Borders and shading – change the settings for margins, borders and shading.
A form is a document that can be created to input data gathered from a survey or questionnaire, or other means. It can have a variety of ?elds and can be created to be interactive with check boxes, drop down lists, labels, etc.
Forms are text documents that have form ?elds that you ?ll in when necessary. These forms can be used on the computer or printed and ?lled out. Similar to other documents, the forms can also be saved as a template. To create a form,
MS Word – New – Blank document – You can type in the necessary title and other details as necessary. You can also use a table to give the form a professional layout.
View – Toolbars – Forms – This will display the forms toolbar.
Click Text form ?eld button each time you wish to insert a ?eld for users to ?ll in. Fields can be shaded or plain. For lists, use a combo box and for options, use check boxes.
Protect the form button on the forms toolbar so that users ?ll only the parts of the form they are supposed to ?ll in and not make any other changes to the form. This can be saved as a template (.dot)
A form should always have instructions on how to ?ll the form and instructions on what to do when the form is completed. It is best to label the items so that it gives the user an idea of what they need to ?ll in.
Even though the word processing packages may upgrade most of the commands will remain the same or have

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