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A structure which is accountable for the resource consumption, production and circulation in a society grounded on proper and casual practice is Political system (GSDRC 2014.). A system that includes producing, allocating resource and delivering amenities among demography or in any geographical region is economic system (Wikipedia). Market, Mixed and Common are the three economic kinds. The analytical approach agreeing to in which nation’s assets are managed and stimulated by administration is referred as political economy (Collins Dictionary). A general practice to impose law is known as Legal system which clarifies on the rights and duties in a various manner. Legal system involves three major law which are: Civil law, Common Law and Religious Law (Uslegal).Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is a venture of capital invested by an individual or a business enterprise in a nation concerning business that is located into foreign land. Generally, any investor initiating foreign trade actions or securing business resources that include the ownership or leading the company then there is the occurrence of FDI. Foreign direct investments can be perceived apart from portfolio investments in which a financier simply buy ownership of foreign-based enterprises

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