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A starter plate filled with E. coli and two micro test tubes were provided; one tube was labeled +pGlo and the other was -pGlo. Both tubes were given 250 microliters of transformation solution that contained calcium dichloride. With the help of a sterile loop, both the + and – micro test tubes were given a good volume of colonies of the E. coli bacteria from the starter plate. Then, pGlo plasmid DNA was added to the + micro test tube only. The test tubes were placed on an ice bath for 10 minutes. While the solutions sat on ice, four different LB nutrient agar plates were labeled the following: +pGlo LB/AMP, +pGlo LB/AMP/ARA, -pGlo LB/AMP, and -pGlo LB.
Once the test tubes were on ice for 10 minutes, they were heat shocked for 50 seconds at a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and then placed back on ice for two minutes. The test tubes were removed from the ice and 250 microliters of LB nutrient broth were injected into each tube and were placed back on ice for 10 minutes once more. After the final ice bath, 100 microliters of each solution were spread out evenly on their designated nutrient agar plate and then incubated at 37 degrees Celsius for a week to grow.

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