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A maker of consumer products
collects consumer preference and purchasing data extracted
from surveys, purchases, web logs, product reviews from
online retailers, phone conversations with customer call
centres, even raw text picked up from around the Web.
Their ambitious goal: to collect everything being said and
communicated publicly about their products and extract
meaning from it. By doing this, the company develops a
nuanced understanding of why certain products succeed
and why others fail. They can spot trends that can help
them feature the right products in the right marketing media.
A biotechnology firm uses sensor
data to optimize crop efficiency. It plants test crops and
runs simulations to measure how plants react to various
changes in condition. Its data environment constantly
adjusts to changes in the attributes of various data it
collects, including temperature, water levels, soil
composition, growth, output, and gene sequencing of each
plant in the test bed. These simulations allow it to discover
the optimal environmental conditions for specific gene

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