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A big problem the community is struggling with is the loss of ecosystems, not taking care of it, destroying them and giving more importance to the industry and city development. According to Erickson (2012) this struggle has an impact in the climate change, pollution, endanger species and other environmental problems. As state for Rischard (2003) a lot of species are dying or have a risk of extinction as a consequence of losing ecosystem by destroying or using their natural habitats as a community space, deforestation and population growth. It also affects biodiversity which is very important for human health and stability. Some community members agreed that a part fault of this problem is of the government by giving permission to construct in natural habitats like, letting houses get build at a high distance in the mountains, or like the actual fight to build sport field above the Santa Catarina river which has become a home for different species and a cause for this problem is that day by day as the city growth society goes forgetting the importance of nature, simply it purifies air and helps the atmosphere.

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