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A. Everyone has that special person in their live that has inspired and shaped them to be the person that they are today
B. The person who believes in them even if they don’t and to guide them through life
C. My person is my Grandmother, Ada Lee

II. Body

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A. Ada Lee had stories
1. Her stories were never told however instead her stories were shown through her things that she did in her day to day life
2. It was shown through the way of how she ate food having to cherish it considering how growing up food was scarce for her
3. It was shown through the way of how she would sit next to a window on a on a sunny day because she worked her entire life starting at such a young age

B. All of Ada’s stories were all meant to teach me a lesson
1. Receiving money during Chinese New Year was about teaching me the values of saving and not just all about money
2. Receiving gifts from family members and the true meaning of what it had meant from those gifts

C. Ada was a strong and caring lady
1. She would always place family first above anything else
2. Always took care and watched over me and cared for my health before watching over herself
3. Would go above and beyond to get me whatever I needed despite even having a language barrier

III. Conclusion

A. If we all could learn something from my grandmother it is to always value your family
B. To learn from those life lessons and to appreciate the things that you receive and work for

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