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Live in twenty-century era fully change the ways of working in all area of life. Modern technology hundred percent influenced the changes in education system. This revolution era needs a concrete development plan in education, but over time it must have some factor that will defect the plan which is can be a factor that limits of the contemporary role of education management. The educational institution that applied this new environment will be more modern and successful where people in there does not look like having a traditional way of teaching and learning such as only using the book as their available sources of knowledge.Innovative happen when the people have a creation of ideas, can do something that is outside of the box and keeps the task to be practice. Creativity and innovation are more important in the twenty-first century whereby the knowledge society has been developing so well (Mishra, 2014). One of the factors that people can reveal their creative and innovative skill is through education. It shows because in education have a learning process where it is can help especially student to hit the road by showing what they have.

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European Commission declaring the year of Creativity and Innovation by aware of the importance of creativity and innovation on personal, social and economic developments ( Tarman, ). It is shown on how the topics have been discussed entire year in 2010 such as pre-school, the promotion of artistic and other creative fields during primary and secondary education; fore-fronting cultural diversity as the source for creativity and innovation; supporting mathematics, science and technology education for development of creative minds; performing regional and local development strategies based on creativity and innovation (EurActiv, 2010). Based on this view show that starting the year 2010, people already concern and awareness about the importance and being creative especially in education. This is because it can help people especially their children in order to have a good mind in handling their education moments.

Based on the research done by Looney (2009), general education will take over latter category that for sure improved a way to dealing with the student by classroom-based teaching, learning and assessment, and the changes in organization or management of the system. From that research, the conclusion can be where the changes in whole organization systems including the management will affect the student in order to be creative. The nature of online instruction does not allow the instructor to perceived important non-verbal cues that signal in order to be understanding. Other than that, the successful online student can be described self-motivated, self-directed, exhibiting an internal locus of control with above average executive functioning, communication, interaction and technological skills ( Kauffman, 2015 ).

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