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5. Get Ready for Work: The first thing I would do is wake then use the restroom. Next, I would shave and shower. Then I would start a pot of coffee and make some breakfast. After I finished eating I would go get dressed for the day. Finally, I would get in my car and drive to work.
6. A high school diploma is important to my future: A high school diploma is important to my future is because, I hope to one day follow my dreams and become a career firefighter. Most employers require you to have a Diploma or equivalent. I dropped out of School when I was 17. I learned that life is hard, without your Diploma it’s even harder. You will run into major road blocks some that are un-crossable without it. I ran into my fair share, which is why I’m sitting here typing this. To tell you I can’t further my career without my high school diploma. Achieving a high school diploma is the next step in gaining the ability to become a career firefighter.

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