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42. There is nothing better than…
There is nothing better than my beloved brother. Besides, marvel heroes in reel life who I admire the most, I would say proudly that my brother would be the best everlasting guardian of mine always in my real life compared to my long distance bestie. My brother acts as a protective shield who always defend me from danger even though his safety is not assured. For an example, I was a toddler suddenly my house got on fire. The wildfire was spreading all over my house and my brother jumped into the house without giving a second thought to save me up. This action reflects that his selflessness because he is aware that his action would harm him. My brother is a good-looking guy who is 6 feet height with a muscular body with super cool sunglasses. The best English idiom fits the tough-bodied guy is he is as fit as fiddle. His attitude is the best all of his inner quality because the inner beauty of him portrays him as a well-mannered guy to me as well to the society too. My brother is not a perfect guardian of mine but I pity sure that he is the best guardian of mine always who does crazy things to make his sister’s face glows with a smile like a moon glows in the dark sky. It would be my pleasure to talk about the extraordinary inner quality of my brother which makes me choose him as a better person in my life which are his pure love towards me, his kindness, and his enduring strength to achieve his goals compared to my long distance bestie.

My brother’s pure love towards me is indefinite compared to the love shown by my long distance bestie towards me. Love showered by my friends towards me is just season love but my brother always loves me with all his heart even though he does not express his love always verbally but his actions speak louder than his words. Basically, we used to quarrel like cat and dog when we were small but as we grow older the love between siblings grows even fonder. The distance may separate us apart but the lovely bond between a brother and sister does not get disrupted compared to my long distance bestie who rarely express her love towards me because I will contact her once in a blue moon. Even though we stay far apart but he always takes a good care of me no matter how busy he is by contacting me every day. He loves to pamper me a lot in many things but not at all in studies aspects. He is very strict in my studies aspect because he always stress on that education is a significant element to achieve your goals in the future. He fulfills my needs before I request him to get the item for me. My brother is a better person than my long distance bestie because my brother understands me completely and he never fails to express his pure love towards me compared to my long distance bestie.

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My brother handles me in a very kindly manner compared to my long distance bestie. My brother communicates kindly and softly. He never raises his voice to me even though he is mad at me but sometimes my long distance bestie will raise her voice to me when she is in bad-tempered. My brother always reminds me of a sprinkle of kindness would bring a beautiful magical smile to others. I follow in my brother’s footsteps by treating others with a simple act of kindness. I treat my friends kindly by responsing to them politely and always help them when they are in troubles because a friend in need is a friend indeed. My brother will burn the midnight oil to for the sake of me to complete the assignments. Apart from that, my elder brother will also make some coffee for me when I stay up late at night to do my revisions in exam week. My long distance bestie is a kind person too. She always listens to my problems and gives me solutions to solve it but my brother is better than her because we siblings know each other more in details compared to the outsider. Even I does not hesitate to talk about my personal issues to my blood brother because I trust him a lot compared to my long distance bestie.

My brother mesmerizes me with his enduring strength to achieve goals. He works while he is pursuing his masters in Singapore. He works hard day and night as a business executive although he is busy with tight working schedules, he still allocates time to achieve his goal to become a master holder. He will do his revision after a tiring day in office sacrificing his sleeping time. He understands that sacrifices are needed to achieve success. On the same hand, he did not neglect his responsibilities as an elder son of the family. He pays house bills even though his master’s course cost an arm and a leg. My brother is a great guy because of he able to turn all his challenges into success because he believes that every cloud has a silver lining. He trusts himself that he can make it and his faith towards the lord that he will succeed one day. He advises me that I should give up if I fail in my first try because failure shows that you are trying to achieve success. I assume that life is the best teacher because it always teaches us lessons. Age is not a restricted factor to achieve our goals. My brother is better person compared to my long distance bestie who is working and stops her studies for awhile due to some circumstances but my brother’s enduring strength makes him better to chase and achieves his goals by overcoming all the obstacles.

In a nutshell, my brother is a better person for me compared to my long distance bestie. He has all the good qualities which are his pure love towards me, his kindness, and his enduring strength to achieve his goals. It would be my pleasure to have such pure soul in my life who always there for me in thick and thins. He always guides and leads me to the path of success. I am a fortunate sister because I get an awesome brother like him. My brother’s wish is he wants me to be a successful medical doctor in the future. I promise that I will fulfill his wish no matter how hard it is. I am proud grateful to have him as my blood brother.

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