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4.1 Introduction
In this chapter, mainly provided information about the data analysis that has been collected through the questionnaire survey and the examination of all findings by the researcher. The analysis will be done with the result collected through the questionnaires that have been distributed among students in Asia Pacific University. There is a total of 150 questionnaires which had been distributed to the respondents, the data will then be analysed through SPSS. Due to the fact that there is a few of the questionnaires were not well filled up by the respondents and skipped few of the major questions, causing only 123 questionnaires are returned and can be used as the data analysis. Therefore, the researcher is using SPSS software to analyse the data from the responses of the study and the duration of data collection was about one week. In detail, this chapter will be presented into few parts and the findings are discussed based on the literature in the relevant areas to strengthen the primary data. The data includes the description analysis, normality test, reliability test and correlation test. The collected data will be presented in term of the table in order to support a better understanding of the overall result.
4.2 Data Screening
Before the researcher conducts the actual statistical test, the data has to go through data screening to avoid any irregularity. Usually, the data set was screened and examined to avoid incorrect data entry, missing values, and normality. There may be some problems with the data such as out-of-range values which may be caused by human error in data entry. Besides that, the findings will get missing values when the participants did not answer some questions and this problem may also occur through data entry mistakes. The research can detect if there is missing value in the data using frequencies. In this study, the researcher used the mean substitution in order to replace the missing values. Furthermore, the data needs to follow a normal distribution for most analyses to work properly. There are two aspects to normality of a distribution, skewness and kurtosis and both aspects must be tested before normality can be established. In this study, descriptive statistics are first employed and then inferential statistics including factor analysis. Normality analysis, reliability analysis and Pearson’s correlation applied to test the hypotheses.

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