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1 Explain how the environment is prepared, maintained and cleaned to ensure it is ready for the healthcare activity

When assisted an individual with any personal intervention the first thing that should be done is to get all materials that you need together and in order to provide care. For example if someone is cared for in bed, making sure you have everything to hand, such as incontinence pads if assisted and required, disposal bag, wipes, towels, gloves apron, creams if applicable and the correct equipment for moving and handling

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1.2 Describe the roles and responsibilities of team members in the preparation and management of the environment and resources

All staff are required to work safely which will prevent themselves or others from being harmed. Staff should always wear the correct PPE that is required for each treatment/procedure for example gloves should be worn during procedures, aprons need to be worn during personal care, dressing changes. All clinical areas are the responsibility of those using it for example it is my responsibility to ensure the area is cleaned and well prepared for any procedure and it is cleaned and the items disposed of according once a procedure is finished. All non clinical sides and equipment must be disinfected

1.3 Explain how to investigate, make the necessary adjustments to and report problems with the environment

each employer should have a policy and procedures on how to report any problems, all staff should be aware of this. All healthcare workers are required to report anything that affects the environment if there are any issues with the clinical environment for example any equipment that is faulty or needs calibrating. If there was a problem I would inform our maintains man and inform all staff of the problem and report to person in charge, manager etc.

1.4 Describe the impact of environmental changes on resources including their storage and use

All medicines that are opened are dated and expire date on them for staff to know when to replace medicines, creams, we check stock of medicines weekly. we check the temperature of the medicine room daily and this is recorded along with the temperature of the fridge and the min and highest temperature to make sure it is in range. Some medicines can be ruined if not stored in the correct way and temperatures for example medicine that needs to be stored in the fridge must be stored in the fridge at the correct temperature

2.1 Apply health and safety measures relevant to the healthcare activity and environment

wearing gloves, aprons and masks when necessary. Ensuring that there are no objects in the way which can harm, ensuring all medical equipment, devices and resources are functioning correctly and if they are not report the problem and not use them. Ensuring the equipment, devices and resources are still relevant to the individual. for example if eye drops were described for the use over 5 days are they still required. ensuring all equipment, devices and resources are to hand before starting the healthcare activity.

2.2 Apply standard precautions for infection prevention and control

Gloves and apron are worn if necessary during personal care and food preparation. different gloves should be used for personal care and food preparation to avoid contamination. gloves and aprons should be disposed of at the end of each intervention. hands should be washed before and after each intervention. hair to be tied back if it is mid length or long. washing hands and using the correct PPE is essential in our jobs. making sure uniform is cleaned daily also.

2.3 Ensure conditions within the immediate environment are set at levels which maintain individual comfort

are warmth, lighting, food and cleanliness. it is important to ask if the individual whether they are comfortable especially in the winter months. making sure the individual is not to hot. Making sure the lighting is good and that the environment is not to loud. Food is important in affecting individuals comfort as we all need to eat and drink and also like to have snacks between meals. if the individual has problems with mobility making sure they are offered often and that the individual is able to reach there drinks or food etc.

2.4 Ensure that all essential resources are available in advance of planned healthcare activities

I would make sure that all equipment is clean and ready to use at all times, medication pots, fresh water, aprons, gloves, dressings, trolleys are clean before and after so they are ready to use when needed. making sure that we have enough supplies by doing stock checks weekly or daily where medicines or in use. ordering the equipment to make sure that we always have them in stock. It is the responsibility of myself and my colleagues to report if we are low on stock.

2.5 Ensure all medical equipment, devices and resources are in a suitable, safe condition for the activity to be carried out

all should be checked before and after use each and every time they are used to ensure that no malfunction can harm the individual who is using them or on whom they are used on. any defects should be reported immediately to the manager and the equipment to not be used and put away so others don’t use it, to be handed over so all staff know not to use it. it is essential that this is also put in the individuals care plan and that all staff know not to use.

2.6 Report any problems with medical equipment, devices and resources as required

if there is a problem with any equipment this is to be reported immediately to maintenance and to management so the problem can be fixed as soon as possible to maintain the individuals needs and safety.

2.7 Demonstrate the relevant equipment and medical devices are selected, prepared and functioning within the agreed parameters prior to use

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