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1.4 Significance of study

A through understanding of customer choice, taste and preference will lead to successful marketing of a product. This survey is concentrate on the factors that affect purchase intention towards mobile phone among Sunway University students. This survey is focused on the following grounds: The results of this study will help to explore factors influence the purchasing intention towards mobile phones among Sunway University students. It will give information on customer intention on brand image, price, product attributes, social influence and marketing communication when purchasing a certain brand over all other other brand in the market. It will also show the customer loyalty towards their prefered brands. Moreover, it will show the appearance prefered by the students which are the size, weight, shape and colour of the mobile phones. This study also will be be a great assistance to future researchers and mobile phone firms to understand the factors that influence purchase intention among students and at the same time help to increase their sales and demand. A profound understanding of purchasing intention of customers can help mobile phone firms to design a mobile phone that will concentrate on customers.

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