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1.2 Evaluate how national and local guidelines, policies and procedures for safeguarding affect day to day work with children and young people

After many horrific stories regarding the safety of children and their welfare, *Introduced by the Home Office in 2002, the CRB – or Criminal Records Bureau – was a revolutionary service that provided detailed reports of an applicant’s criminal record history. This in turn helped identify those who were not permitted to work in a setting with children and became an invaluable system. This system worked closely with safeguarding authorities. CRB changed to DBS in 2012.
In 2000, Victoria Climbe was brutally murdered by a member of her family. She was a happy child and had a promising future ahead of her before she was ill treated and killed at the hands of her great – aunt! Over the course of her short time living with her aunt, Victoria was known to multiple agencies regarding her non – accidental injuries and well being.

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