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1. Cultural adjustments is the most important adaptation for international marketers. Euro Disney lacked in educating themselves about the european culture, instead Disney built and based upon the American Disney. They did not pay attention to the cultural difference. For example, they did not take European vacation customs into consideration and banned alcohol when drinking wine is a big part of their culture. In contrast, Disney did not want to make the same mistake in China. Disney tried hard to blend China’s culture. For example, the parks hotels have no fourth floor because 4 in unlucky in the Chinese culture. The main reason that Hong Kong Disney had a poor performance during its first year is because there wasn’t the feeling of living in a fairy tale, instead, it was to small and to similar to the other amusement parks that China already has. Lastly, there was also a lack of familiarity with the Disney characters. 

2. Most of the factors could have been foreseen in the opening of EuroDisney. The reason why these factors where overlooked was because of the success in Japan’s Disneyland. I believe that all of the factors, including, local culture differences could have been foreseen but, there were uncontrollable factors, such as, the historical events, like war and the devaluation of currencies against the franc. I, however, do believe that the factors that resulted in the poor performance with the opening of Disney Hong Kong could have been solved if Disney would have consulted to the citizens to educate themselves on their wants and needs, and not just adjust some things to fit their culture. 

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3. Ethnocentrism plays a major role in the launch of EuroDisney. What Disney learned after the launch is that you can’t impose the American culture into another culture. People have different wants and beliefs, and you have to allow others to be different and equal.

4. Disney may have failed with the launching of some of their attractions in some countries, but they were also successful in some countries. Although, Disney failed in the launching of some attractions they grew and learned from their mistakes. Disney accepted that there is cultural differences and decided to embrace the culture of where the attractions are located.

5. The root of the problem for thinking there would be success in Disney locations in other countries was because of the success in Japan. The reason why it worked in Japan is because the Japanese attachment to Disney characters. The success of Tokyo Park is a very rare case and that was not taken into consideration when opening parks in Europe and China.

6. Disney projected major success in the opening of Euro Disney. They soon realized that they made a huge mistake on the success they projected. They made a huge mistake trying to take an American theme park and plant it into a different country. I believe they thought when they solved these problems they believed that they wouldn’t fail again if they learned from these mistakes and used what they learned and open in China. I think Disney was focused to much on incorporating the Chinese culture and was blinded to thinking about anything else such as wants and needs of the citizens. 

7. I think that Disney has learn a lot from their past mistakes. I believe anywhere they would be considering in opening they would do more research because they have learn extensively about global awareness. There are a lot of similarities between Shanghai and Hong Kong so, I do believe that there will be success, not only with interests but financially too. 

8. My three choices of where Disney should expand next is Sydney, Australia  , Mumbai, India, and Brasilia, Brazil. Australia could be a good decision because most people speak English and there is not a location there yet. The issue with Australia is there isn’t a big population though. India would be a good place to move next. Mainly because there is a huge population. Also Disney has already made an impact on India. Lastly, South America does not have any Disney attractions yet. Brazil could be a good choice due to the Latin America presence already incorporated in Disney franchise. 

9. My choice of location would be Mumbai, India. Before expanding their locations I think Disney should do extensive research before opening another location. They have dealt with many complications do to culture differences. Their mistakes lost them a lot of money and caused a lot of extra work. Although, you can’t predict exactly what is to happen as a marketer before a launch, Disney needs to pay attention to cultural differences, financial issues, and specific needs and wants. It is important to have global awareness and select and create relations within the culture. Aside from this Disney needs to also pay attention to social and political trends within. Disney cannot approach a culture in an American mind set. Lastly, Disney needs to look into any external factors that could affect the future and think about uncontrollable factors that could effect the park and what they can do if this happens. 

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