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1.1 Identify different activities that may be regarded as leisure activities
There are countless different activities that might be regarded as leisure activities like walking, dancing for example Zumba and yoga, reading, listening to music, going to the gym, going for movies,
1.2 Explain how participation in leisure activities aids in the well-being if individuals.
Partaking leisure activities aids the well-being of a person and gives individuals joy. It helps as well to take out stress level in the individual’s bodies. Several people choose to take part in leisure activities so that they become more socially active and less isolated as it can often lead to an increase in friendship circles as well as providing breaks from their day-to-day living.
1.3 describe the potential benefits of trying out new leisure activities from time to time.
Doing same activities every time it’s boring and dull, so by trying out new activities from time to time helps to give the opportunity to mingle with new people from possibly different ethnic backgrounds and this widens horizons. Individuals can as well learn and share skills as well as gaining experiences or discover hidden talents from others that can be used in other areas of life. When individuals try new things there is a possibility of increasing their confidence levels.
3.3 Describe how to support a person if any changes or difficulties are encountered
If a problem is encountered, for example if I support a person with Learning difficulties I will have to calm her/him down then example the situation to them in a professional manner so that they will understand and not fell ashamed of themselves. I will report the incident as well to the authorities if there is a need.
3.4 Explain ways to access additional information or support about participation in a leisure activity.
To access additional information or support about participation in a leisure activity I would liaise with my manager about other options or trainings that are available or speak with the leisure centres regarding support provided. I would access this information or support when my client progressed and express another interest in another activity. Information can be accessed by speaking to our colleagues, researching on the internet, getting in touch with local services such as the library, tourist information board and specific activity providers such as sport.

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