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• Recalling history to unite and inspire people

While forming the co-operative society the major challenges faced by sardar vallabhai Patel was to unite people. Their they asked people that how you fought Britishers for the freedom of life, similarly now you have to tackle this middle man and situation of poverty by uniting and facing together. Hence this lead to a moment also known as WHITE REVOLUTION.

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After that also it has continued inspiring people like the Amul and it was also adopted by various other co-operatives such as saris in Rajasthan, Nandini in South

Value for many, value for money the company philosophy is to enhance the economic state of rural population which consists of majority share of the country, keeping in mind to provide the products to the consumers which justify its cost

• To know awareness of people towards amul products
• To know the preference of amul products with respect to other brands
• To know the factors which affects consumer’s buying behaviour
• Swot analysis of amul
• Change in business strategy according to the time
• Ideas about increase the sale of amul
• To study various factors such as quality, price, easy available etc. is influencing lot and influences positively

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