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• It’s a unique (and direct) marketing tool. A global distribution system can be used to market latest sales message, special offers, and discounts directly to travel agents.

• It has perfect timing. The GDS displays brand messaging and advertising during the search and booking process, which means travel agents are paying attention at exactly the right time. Messages can also be targeted at detailed dates and times, by specific destinations.

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• It expands search positioning. Gaining access to a GDS means that travel agents and consumers are more easily able to find hotel through searching.

• Money. The price of GDS’s alone is a preventive for many properties. As a growing business, capitals may be better invested in other areas of property.

• Priorities. Retaining customers is more vital than bringing in new ones. Making sure that guests are comfortable with clean rooms, plentiful amenities and a welcoming staff should be the first order of business.

• Industry stagnation. Despite their ability to connect agents with properties, it is ineffective if neither party uses it. A HotelHub bookings report showed that there was no growth in GDS hotel bookings in 2011, while non-GDS bookings saw growth. Hotels that do not use a GDS get bookings through hotel aggregation sites or direct bookings, which are tried and true methods.

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