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• Healthcare professional shall ensure compliance with Qatari culture, laws and regulations as applicable.
• Professional actions are carried out with respect, integrity and honesty to promote safe culture in organization.
• Healthcare professional ensure all the time patient rights are respected and system is in place to make patient aware about their rights and responsibilities.
• Ensure adequate resource is made available to cater patients need based on scope of services and provide procedure for employee to address clinical or ethical concern/issue.
• To provide quality & safe care without any discernment and ensure the policies and procedures are in place evaluate the care or service provided and improve the performance.
• To create system for enhancing the competence, skills and proficiency for healthcare practitioners through continuing professional development and implementing program of assessment/evaluation.
• Ensure the existence of an ongoing process and procedures to review, develop and consistently implement evidence-based clinical & non-clinical practices/procedure throughout the organization/facility.
• Be honest and open in all forms of professional and organizational communication and avoid percolating false or misleading information.
• To foster a safe working environment for colleagues which includes freedom from harassment and intimidation of any kind, particularly to perform any unlawful or unethical acts. Ensure appropriate grievance and appeal mechanism in place within his organization to address concerns.
• To create safe and secure working environment for employee and to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place.
• To be open and honest in their communication regarding any adverse events to appropriate regulatory authorities and shall implement changes to reduce the risk of recurrence of similar events.
• Whenever appropriate to get involved in community dialogue on healthcare concerns, policies and implement changes that will enhance health status and promote the safe & quality healthcare.
• Healthcare executive shall report any breach in code of conduct to FTP/QCHP.

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